2020 Footprints in the
Sand Conference

June 18-21, 2020

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Thursday - June 18

Tarsal Tunnel
PCDO with Tendon Transfer in Adult Flatfoot
Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy: Surgical Technique and Pearls
Current Concepts in Arthroereisis
I Learned the Triple, but is a Double Enough?
Management of Latent Achilles Tendon Ruptures
Please Stop Cutting the Plantar Fascia 

Friday - June 19

Juvenile HAV
Current Applications of the Base Wedge Osteotomy for HAV
The Evolution of the Lapidus
HAV: A New Old Approach 
Sesamoid Injuries: When to Take it Out? 

Current Guidelines for Narcotic Prescribing for Podiatrists in 2020 
Arthrofibrosis of the 1st MTPJ Following HAV Surgery
1st MTPJ Arthrodesis vs. Joint Replacement
1st MTPJ Arthrodesis: Focus on Fixation
1st MTPJ Arthrodesis: Functional Outcomes: A Current Literature Review
Treating Difficult Podiatric Conditions with Laser Therapy

Saturday - June 20

Managing the Infected Foot: What Does the Literature Say?
Sepsis Update
Injectable Calcium Sulfate with Antibiotics in Osteomyelitis
Amniotic Grafts and Injectables in Wound Healing
Ultrasonic Debridement for Diabetic Foot Ulcers 
HIPJ DJD in Neuropathic Patients after 1st MTPJ Arthrodesis
Beaming Techniques for Charcot 
MRI of Soft Tissue Tumors
Surgical Excision of Soft Tissue Tumors
DVT Prophylaxis: Current Recommendations
Peri-Operative Management of Anti-Coagulants

Sunday - June 21

The Transitional Weil: An Update
Forefoot Reconstruction in the Rheumatoid Foot
Lengthening 1st Metatarsal Osteotomy for 2nd MPJ Capsulitis
Midfoot Arthrodesis with Trephine Technique 
Update on Raynauds
Hemostatic Agents in Podiatry
Ultrasonic Debridement for Plantar Fascia and Achilles Tendon
Interpositional Arthroplasty with Human Dermal Collagen Matrix of
    Non-Essential but Useful Joints on the Foot
WALANT: Can It be Done in the Foot? 
Repair of Advanced Achilles Degeneration
Lesser Metatarsal Fractures
Turf Toe Injuries
Ankle Destruction/Reconstruction
Lateral Ankle Instability
Talar Neck Fractures
Lis Franc’s Injury and Repair
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