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3rd Annual Women-centric Foot & Ankle Conference

November 19-22, 2020

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Thursday - November 19

Aprajita Nakra Memorial Section

The Podiatric Medical Profession: A Gender Comparison
Vitamin D and Its Role in Foot and Ankle Surgery
DVT: Little Things Matter
1st Metatarsal Osteotomy vs. Lapidus

Bring in your challenging cases for a second opinion by our panel of experts. Cases/Imaging studies must be in PowerPoint format.
Average HAV Repair: Procedure and Fixation of Choice
High IM Angle Repair: Procedure and Fixation of Choice
Hallux Limitus: What is Your Go To Procedure?
Plantar Fasciotomy: When to Proceed with Surgery and Technique of Choice Hammertoe Repair: Fixation of Choice
Neuropathy: Treatment Protocol
Wound Care Substitutes: When and What to Use
Posterior Heel Pain: Conservative and Surgical Treatment

Friday - November 20

Current Guidelines for Narcotic Prescribing for Podiatrists in 2020 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Nail and Skin Pathology
Nail Dystrophy: It’s Not Always Onychomycosis 
Demystifying Antifungal Therapy: How to Pulse Dose and Use Combo Therapy 
Update: Surgical Management of Melanoma
Inflammatory Leg Wounds: Pyoderma Gangrenosum and Beyond

Podiatric Dermatology: Advanced Hands-on Biopsy and Skin Flap Workshop 

Work/Life Balance: How to Achieve the Unicorn

Fixation Options for Hammertoe Repair
Heloma Molle: Surgical Technique of Modified Syndactylization
Flail Toe: Salvaging the Non-functioning Toe 
Brachymetatarsia: The Benefits of Single Stage Lengthening Procedures
Plantar Plate Injury: Evaluation and Management
Complex Forefoot Derangement
Common Forefoot Complications 

Saturday - November 21

Supine Gastrocnemius Recession 
Medial Double Arthrodesis for Flatfoot Repair 
Calcaneal Autografts: Indications/Technique/Complications Different Angles of Arthroscopy 
World of Coalitions 
Ankle Arthrodesis vs. TAR 
Lis Franc: Fix or Fuse
Small Incision Calcaneal Fractures
OLT Updates
Talar Fractures
Open Fracture Treatment: New Updates and Consensus
Lateral Ankle Stabilization: Comparison of Techniques

Where the Rubber Meets the Road . . . Your Surgical Practice vs. the Lawsuit

Preoperative Management of the Diabetic Patient 
Preoperative Management of the Charcot Patient 
Advanced Wound Care Considerations 
Functional Limb Preservation 
Osteomyelitis: Diagnostic Methods
Offloading of the Diabetic Ulcer
Surgical Offloading of the Diabetic Foot 

Sunday - November 22

How to Treat Kids and Their Rashes  
Pediatric Intoeing 
Juvenile HAV 
Pediatric Flatfoot: Periarticular Osteotomies
Talonavicular Arthrodesis in the Pediatric Foot
Clubfoot: Ponseti Approach and Surgical Management
First Ray Arthrodesis: To Walk It or Not? 
Hallux Varus: When to Stitch It? 
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