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Please read these instructions to the end and follow them accurately.

At the bottom of this page is the link to begin the on-line CME process. Please read through and print the following instructions before beginning, as the steps need to be followed entirely and accurately through the "checkout" step in which your contact information as well as credit card number will be sent to us, in order to receive CME credit.

Note that all presentations are not of equal CME credit value. Each presentation has its own value ranging from 0.5 to 1.00 CMEs. Completing 5 presentation does not equal 5 CME credits. It is recommended that several presentations be completed and added to your cart until you reach the desired number of CME credits before processing the checkout form and sending it to us. Each item you add to your cart will remain there for up to 3 months, even if you leave the website, allowing you to complete additional lectures at your convenience and then checkout when you have reached the desired number of CME credits. Please call us if you have questions or concerns regarding this.

There are currently 31 presentations, for a total of 16.25 cme's. More will be added as soon as we have them ready. Here are the instructions for viewing and receiving credit for them:

1. The link below will take you to the registration/login page. Under "New Customer", click "Proceed to Registration". Fill in the required information, and then click "Create Account" at the bottom of the page. If you are currently registered, simply fill in the "returning customer" information. This will log you in on your account page. Click the large button at the top of the page to view the available presentations.

2. In order to view the presentations you must be logged in. If you click the "Remember Me" button on the login page, you will remain logged in until you actively log out. You can accumulate credits for lectures in your shopping cart until ready to checkout.

3. Be sure to have your computer speakers on. Click the name of the presentation you wish to view. The presentation will start and play nonstop until the end. Navigation is locked so you will not be able to advance or go back to certain slides. If you need to pause, you may use your browser "back" button to return to the page that has the presentation choices and then click the same one again when you want to resume. This will allow you the choice of resuming where you left off or start again at the beginning.

4. The last slide is a 5-question test. You must pass with at least an 80% score (4 out of 5 questions correct). If a passing score is not achieved, you must view the entire presentation again in order to retake the test.

5. Once you have completed the quiz with a passing score, click "Finish" (it is not necessary to click "print results", but you can if you have a printer connected and would like to have a copy of the results in case there are any quesitons). Clicking "Finish" will take you to a link to add the lecture purchase to your shopping cart. It is recommended that several presentations be viewed, quizzes successfully passed, and added to cart before checking out. Items added to cart will remain in your cart for up to three months, or until you complete the checkout process. When ready to checkout, continue to follow the checkout procedure. Note: If a passing score is not achieved, you will not be able to add the item to your cart. In this case, clicking finish will take you back to the beginning of the lecture.

Here's the link:

Online CME registration / login

Please call if you have any questions.

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