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Medical Missions

To bring podiatric surgical care
to needy children in underdeveloped
parts of the world

Report on Development of a Podiatry Section for Medical Missions to
San Benito Jose Medical Center, Honduras - with additional video links

Video of the March 2019 Rotary Medical Mission trip to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala

Healing the Children
    The following is an announcement sent out by Ann Anderst, Executive Director of Healing the Children Oregon and Western Washington:


    I am pleased to announce the individuals of the One Child Awards which are presented each year at the annual Global Health Gala event.

    Jennifer Rinaldi (Board and Community Volunteer)

    In recognition of your passion and commitment to helping heal children around the world and your leadership as a member of our board of directors and in supporting the 2012 Medical Teams Abroad trip to Vietnam. Thanks Jennifer for your Leadership and committment to HTC!

    Last night, Jennifer was on a plane going to Vietnam where she is serving as the MTA Team Administrator. Her family is here: Her mother Ann, husband Dave, daughter Rachel, and Son Jim. Rachel accepted the award on Jennifer's behalf.

    Mary Dennison (International Inbound Volunteer)

    In recognition of your steadfast commitment to helping heal children around the world through your unwavering passion which ensure children access the health care resources they need and deserve. Our mightly Mary works marvelous miracles to access donated health care for the children in our International Inbound Program and travels once to twice a year with the MTA program.

    Mary could not be with us tonight as she is at a conference in Denver, CO. Thanks Mary for all you do!

    Steve Miller (Medical Teams Abroad Volunteer)

    In recognition of your steadfast commitment to helping heal children around the world through your leadership as a Medical Teams Abroad team leader to Nepal and Guatemala and as a member of the HTC board of directors. Steve is also an active Rotarian from Anacortes and Fidalgo Island.

    Steve travels not only with our HTC MTA program but with other MTA trips and Rotary. On occasion his wife Betty asks for some time and they are in Costa Rica tonight on holiday before Steve heads out to Nepal later this month. Congratulations!

    Ann Anderst, Executive Director
    Healing the Children Oregon and Western Washington
    8227 44th Avenue W, Suite M
    Mukilteo, WA 98275

Click here to view a video shown at the Northern California Red Cross
Breakfast Ceremony

2019 Mission Trips:
    Small Steps Healing the Children and PI Medical Mission Trip
    San Salvador, El Salvador
    September 21-29, 2019

    The Small Steps Medical Mission team working in conjunction with The Podiatry Institute returned again this year on the annual medical mission trip to to San Salvador, El Salvador. This year a celebrated the 26th anniversary of . . . read more
2018 Mission Trips: 2017 Mission Trips:
    Medical Mission Report: San Salvador / El Salvador
    September 23 - 30, 2017

    El Salvador has become the location of a yearly medical mission trip for the past 14 years. The mission trip was originally founded by Dr. Todd Gunzy. Next year an astonishing accomplishment will be celebrated as . . . read more
2016 Mission Trips: 2015 Mission Trips:
    March 16 - 26, 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal:
    The 8th foot and ankle surgery mission was held in Kathmandu at the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital . . . Dr. Carl Kihm and Dr. Jennifer D'Amico now lead the mission, which was originally established by Dr. Stephen Miller. The trip is organized through . . . read more
    March 6 - 14, 2015, San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala:
    This is a report on the fourth annual surgical mission (fifth visit) to the 45-bed paroquia hospital in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala: Hospital Obras Sociales de Monsignor Gregorio Schaffer, named after its founder. The mission or "jornada" was co-sponsored . . . read more
2014 Mission Trips:
    February 21 - March 1, 2014, San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala:
    This is a report on the third annual surgical mission to the paroquia hospital in San Lucas Toliman, Joint provided this year by Opal House (www.opalhouse.com) as the co-host, and the Fidalgo Island Rotary Club of Anacortes, Washington (www.fidalgorotary.org) with additional . . . read more
2013 Mission Trips:
    October 22 - 29, 2013, Nepalgunj (Kohalkur), Nepal:
    This Surgical camp was set up via a site-visit by HTC volunteers, Dr. Steve Miller and Bo Chelette and negotiations conducted last year at the suggestion of Dr. Dinesh Shrestha, a former staff member of Nepal Orthopedic Hospital in Kathmandu. He toured us through the 650-bed teaching hospital and . . . read more
    February 2 -9, 2013, San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala:
    After a rewarding HTC/Rotary Medical/Surgical Foot Surgery Mission to the Hospital Parroquia San Lucas in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala in early 2012, an invitation was extended by the Hospital Administrator, Pablo Bendicto and the Hospital Medical Director, Dr. Rafael Tun, for a return mission in 2013. . . read more

2012 Mission Trips:
    November 27 - December 4, Kathmandu, Nepal:
    This year marks the fifth Healing the Children Surgical Mission to the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. In Nepal they prefer to call them "Surgery Camps". The difference this year was that not only did the team evaluate and treat foot and ankle problems but with the gracious volunteer assistance of HTC Board Member Dr. Marshall Partington, the team expanded its care to those patients requiring . . . read more
    February 17-24, San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala:
    In January, 2011 Dr. Stephen Miller did a site visit to Opal House and to the hospital in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala to assess the needs of the hospital and the local community. This was augmented by subsequent site-visit by ED Ann Anderst and Chair of the Board Barbara Knowles in October, 2011. The hospital is a community hospital serving the 18,000 residents of San Lucas Toliman as well as . . . read more

2011 Mission Trips:
    November 2-8, Kathmandu, Nepal:
    On invitation from the Medical Director (Dr. Saju Pradhan) of Nepal Orthopedic Hospital (www.noh.org.np) in Kathmandu, Nepal, the Healing the Children Oregon and Western Washington chapter (www.htcoregonwashington.org) sent a Foot Surgery Team for the fourth year in a row. This team of 17 volunteers . . . read more

2010 Mission Trips:
    October 29 - November 4,
    Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal :

    Led by Stephen Miller DPM, Healing the Children.

    Podiatry Institute members:
    Tom Chang, DPM
    Jay Ryan, DPM

    Do you ever wonder what happens long-term after completion of a Rotary World Community Service project? Is it still working; is it self-sufficient; how many people are being helped? One such project is the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital (NOH) in Kathamandu, Nepal with which Rotary District 5050 and faculty from the Podiatry Institute . . .read more

    May 1-8, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador:
    Led by Todd Gunzy DPM

    Podiatry Institute members:
    Luke Cicchinelli, DPM
    Todd Haddon, DPM
    Todd Gunzy, DPM
    Donald Powell, DPM

    Having taken an 18 month hiatus, the 25 member team titled "Small Steps" arrived in San Salvador on May 1st. The mayor of Zacatecoluca donated a full length service bus for transportation of the team from hotel to hospital each day. The following day was set aside to . . . read more

2008 Mission Trips:
    September 20-27, Kathmandu, Nepal:
    A team of 18 members led by Steve Miller, DPM
    After much planning and communication with the help of various Rotarians, 13 medical personnel and 5 Rotarians committed to sacrificing precious time from their busy work schedules to help the poor and needy people of Nepal. They were responding to an invitation from . . . read more

    September 6-13, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador:
    Led by Todd Gunzy DPM and Luke Cicchinelli DPM (founded 1992).
    This particular team of 24 total personnel completed its 17th year of annual medical missions, although hampered by Hurricane Ike for some members of the team on their return home to the States through Houston, the mission was a complete success. Approximately 150 children were triaged and screened the day after the teams arrival on September 7, 2008. The four day surgery work week allowed 28 of the neediest children operations for severe foot, leg and ankle deformities. Follow-up is fostered by local orthopedists who have work closely with members of the team the past six years.

    Podiatry Institute members who continue to provide selfless dedication to the mission include Luke Cicchinelli, Todd Haddon, and Enno Keller. A special appreciation of thanks to Jorge Penagos and Anna Weber for timeless dedication to the team. Continued integration of Doctors from Spain, Australia, Guatemala, and Germany, with this particular team adds further insight, experiences, and clinical knowledge. The next future mission will most likely incorporate a visiting surgeon from Saudi Arabia thanks to Dr. Cicchinelli's affiliation with the medical personnel of that country.

    The main backbone of support continues to be the Healing the Children Chapter of Greater Philadelphia, Cuscutlan Rotary, and The Podiatry Institute. This represents a sixth consecutive annual visit to El Salvador. The team would like to thank all providers and participants for their assistance with past and present missions.

    Due to world economical issues, the next medical mission for this team is scheduled for May 1 - 8, 2010.

2007 Mission Trips:
    May 5-12, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador: Led by Todd Gunzy, DPM
    The team, headed by Todd Gunzy, Luke Cicchinelli, and Todd Haddon, will screen 150 - 200 children on Sunday, May 6. Approximately forty of the most severe cases will be selected for surgery during the Monday through Friday work week. They will be working closely with the local Rotary Club, Cuscutlan and local orthopedic surgeons. Healing the Children, Greater Philadelphia Chapter will again be coordinating all the travel, logistics and accomodations. The Podiatry Institute will aid in the financial backing of the mission along with representation of the faculty. This will be the team's 5th consecutive mission to
    El Salvador and its 16th mission overall since 1992.

    March 22-31, Hanoi, Viet Nam: A team of 25 members led by Steve Miller, DPM

Reports On Past Mission Trips:

Please help with a monetary, surgical instruments or disposable surgical supplies donation. 100% of the donations go to the Medical Missions program.

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Your support is greatly appreciated!

The Podiatry Institute would like to thank the following providers of the Medical Mission program. Please click on the logos below to visit their web site.

In countries where medical resources are scarce and walking is an important mode of transportation, foot and ankle problems can be devastating. Accidents, diabetes, infections and birth defects such as clubfoot can seriously restrict the ability to function.

Unfortunately, these countries are usually severely lacking in health care resources. They rarely have access to the expertise of podiatric surgeons who are specifically trained in the care and treatment of the lower extremity.

By working through other non-profit organizations, The Podiatry Institute is organizing and supporting efforts which provide medical and surgical treatment to these individuals. Volunteer medical teams travel to countries in need, and provide medical assistance to the children, free of charge.

You can provide financial assistance through donations. Funds must be raised to offset travel and on-site expenses for the volunteer surgical team. All funds received will be used only for medical missions. Every dollar will be used directly to defray the expenses of our volunteer missions. No administrative fees will be deducted. You can donate surgical instruments and disposable surgical supplies. Please call us toll-free at 888-833-5682 or use the on-line form below for more information.

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