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Educational Videos Available
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Click this link to view the surgical videos we have so far. More will be added as we have them available. High-speed internet connection is required.

The Podiatry Institute offers a wide variety of videos on DVD, addressing specific podiatric approaches or techniques. All videos are in full color with sound, are approximately 30 minutes in length, and were produced by the Podiatry Institute.
The following titles are available. Click on any title for more information about the content of that particular video.
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A Simplified Technique for Phenol Nail Surgery
and a Technique for Digital Anesthetic Block

Using detailed illustrations, animation and live surgical footage, this DVD presents techniques for both partial and total nail removal. Topics covered include indications and contra-indications, nail and digital anatomy, digital anesthesia technique, surgical instrumentation, a simplified surgical technique, and post-operative management.
Produced & Directed by Robert B. Weinstein, DPM,
John A. Ruch, DPM

30 minutes;

Anatomic Repair of the Ruptured Achilles Tendon
Successful repair of the acute Achilles tendon rupture can be consistently accomplished with the combination of a specific sequence of clinical and surgical skills, including: accurate clinical diagnosis, appropriate surgical timing, anatomic dissection techniques, repair techniques of the ruptured tendon, physiologic repairs of vital tissue layers, and appropriate postoperative management and rehabilitation. This video demonstrates an open repair technique of the acute Achilles tendon rupture. Step by step technique is presented through the use of extensive live surgical footage as well as detailed illustrations.
Produced & Directed by Justin A. Fleming, DPM, Todd B. Haddon, DPM,
John A. Ruch, DPM
30 minutes;

Techniques of Heel Spur Surgery
This video presents a variety of surgical approaches for heel pain. Selection of a specific surgical technique is dictated by a unique set of physical findings and subjective compliants. Three surgical techniques are presented through live surgical footage and detailed illustrations: I) "Instep" plantar fasciotomy, II) Open resection of plantarcalcaneal spur, III) Release of calcaneal nerve entrapment.
Produced & Directed by John A. Ruch, DPM
30 minutes

Anatomic Dissection in Hallux Abducto Valgus

The video is designed for instruction in surgical dissection applied to the first metatarsophalangeal joint in the deformity of hallux abducto valgus. The specifics of anatomic variation of the first metatarsophalageal joint are presented in detail and basic surgical principles are soundly illustrated. Both vivid illustration and detailed live surgical demonstrations are utilized to demonstrate the concepts of anatomic surgical dissection of the first MPJ. This video is an excellent surgical instruction tool for any level of education, from beginning surgical student to the accomplished practitioner.


Anatomic Dissection of the Medial Arch

Reconstruction of the collapsed medial arch in the flexible pes valgus deformity is extensively covered through surgical demonstration and illustration. A step-by-step concept in the anatomic dismantling of the medial arch is followed by modifications of the Young's tendosuspension.


Approaches to Digital Surgery

This video presents a comprehensive surgical approach to digital deformity. Five specific surgical procedures are described for varying digital deformities or hammer toes: PIPJ Arthroplasty, PIPJ Arthrodesis, Extensor Tendon Z-plasty, Extensor Hood Recession and MPJ Capsulotomy, and a 5th Digit PIPJ Arthroplasty with a Hemiphalangectomy. Preoperative evaluation and selection of procedure are clearly illustrated and presented in live surgical film. Principles of surgical dissection, technique and postoperative management are emphasized.


Base Wedge Osteotomy in Hallux Valgus Surgery

The vital aspects of the Base Wedge procedure are covered in detail including the mechanical basis and execution of a base wedge osteotomy with the "Hinge Concept," rigid internal compression fixation and postoperative management. The illustrations and live demonstrations succinctly present the total concept and execution of the base osteotomy.


Implant Arthroplasty of the Lesser MPJs

This video presents the technical aspects for total joint replacement of the lesser MPJ. Indications for use of the implant are reviewed, technical nuances are detailed and the procedure is depicted through live surgical footage and illustrations.


Modifications of the Austin Bunionectomy

This video clearly presents the most current modifications of the Austin bunionectomy with demonstration of the axis guide osteotomy technique. Three different techniques of fixation and osteotomy are covered, (1 screw, 2 screw and K-wire). The application of anatomic dissection is used as the basis of the procedure and the most subtle techniques of precision and finesse in hallux valgus surgery are depicted. The adductor tendon transfer is presented in detail.


Peroneus Longus Tendon Transfer For Paralytic Dropfoot

Peroneus longus tendon transfer to the dorsum of the foot via split tendon-to-tendon anastomosis is an excellent treatment for paralytic dropfoot in select patients. A detailed description of the technique is presented. Pre- and postoperative evaluations and gait analysis of a young male diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease are also presented. Surgical detail and follow-up examinations are the high points of the photography.


Refinements in Digital Surgery

This teaching film is designed to clearly present the intricate details of digital surgery. The standard techniques of hammer toe surgery are described in meticulous detail and many nuances and innovations in technique are presented. The fundamentals and advanced skills of digital surgery are presented in a clear and systematic fashion, from primary digital techniques to the advanced procedures necessary for repair of the most challenging digital deformities.


Refinements in Implant Arthroplasty

This video presents a hemi implant arthroplasty and a total implant arthroplasty of the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Anatomic dissection and methodical instrumentation are emphasized.


Regional Anesthesia: An Ankle Block Technique

This video presents a sophisticated technique for regional anesthesia at the ankle. The traditional procedure using 3ccs of local anesthetic is described, followed by the identification of specific nerve trunks. The six nerves that cross the ankle are identified through the use of detailed animation, cadaveric dissection and live clinical application of the nerve block.


Rigid Internal Compression Fixation as Applied to Triple Arthrodesis

This video demonstrates the surgical technique of triple arthrodesis and the application of rigid internal compression fixation principles as advocated by the Swiss Association for Internal Fixation. The video presents a case study of a 60-year old female with preoperative evaluation, a surgical procedure with compression screw fixation, postoperative radiographs, and eighteen month follow-up gait studies. The advantages of rigid internal fixation are discussed.


Surgical Resection of Morton's Neuroma

This video presents a comprehensive animated view of the surgical anatomy of Morton's neuroma, followed by an illustrated discussion of the three common approaches to its surgical resection. Careful attention is paid to perioperative considerations as well as technical detail.


Triceps Surgery

This video analyzes the surgical correction of contracture of the triceps muscle group. The Tendo Achillis Lengthening (TAL) is presented for release of total triceps contracture. Three separate surgical procedures are illustrated for the TAL. The Gastrocnemius Recession is presented for correction of the isolated gastrocnemius contracture. Careful attention is paid to surgical technique and dissection of the triceps tendon.


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